Referrals and Testimonials

Highly Recommended

"Highly recommended.  She always knows the right words that you need to hear.  Jennifer has true heart and soul.  Her passion shines bright and is noticed by all, bringing out the positive just being in her presence."

-R.J. Gillentine

Healing Hugs

I’ve known Jennifer for years. We met at a Burning Bowls ceremony and of the many people attending she had the most beautiful, warm and loving energy. After speaking she gave me a hug and it was truly a “healing hug.” Jennifer has a soulful and radiant vibe and I encourage anyone who wants to shed “hurts” to work with her.

T. F., Fort Worth

Comfort and Guidance

"I met Jennifer at a Psychic Fair in Oak Cliff at the Unitarian Universalist Church. It was an interesting day for me. I was seeking acceptance and ascension into the next chapter of my life. I went there for guidance and inner peace. Luckily before I left, because all the readings had been booked and a friend of mine and I couldn't quite get in, Jennifer said that she would stay and help do readings for the church. So I went and sat down with her and we discussed some emotions I had been feeling and needing to let out, as well as what I wanted to do with my life and how I wanted to live as a spiritual being. Jennifer and I hit it off and I decided to keep her card. We met a few more times together and really got to some good stuff in a sense of dealing with some shadow work of mine and on things that I personally needed to dig through in order to find peace. Jennifer's role in my life was to help guide me and to peel back those layers that always got in the way of every day happiness and understanding. Jennifer has a great deal of comfort and really knows how to help you personally find positive ways to deal with what is lying within. She's got a loving touch and a strong and forward mentality. This especially can help boost one's confidence in a sense of wanting to get through to yourself and the connections all around you. After a while Jennifer and I slowly went our different ways when we no longer needed our sessions, as I started to find light for what I needed to do next. We still remain very good friends and there will always be lots of love in our friendship. In my opinion, people are our teachers in life, and what they bring to you, is something that you will bring to someone else, as the energy keeps moving in and around us and on and on and so forth. Jennifer is a healer, a teacher, a lover, a fighter, and a friend. I appreciate her presence and role in my life. Namaste." 

-Xena F