Healing Services

Who She Heals

Jennifer offers healing in multiple ways to diverse groups of people. Her services are available to any age, race, gender, spiritual or religious affiliation, and career background. Whether you work from home or a high rise downtown, are a teacher or a student, an artist or an attorney, Jennifer is looking forward to connecting with you to help you move closer to your true self. 

How She Heals

Jennifer uses multiple healing techniques and your session is always tailored to fit your needs and goals. Sessions may include energy cleansing and release through analytical discussion, visualization exercises, and physical touch, along with positive healing energy infusion through embrace. Other techniques may be presented to supliment healing, in and outside of sessions.

Her Unique Method

Jennifer has been healing and mentoring others as long as she can remember. When she connects with you, it is as if she's feeling what you feel, allowing her to pinpoint what's weighing on you most, releasing it while giving you clarity and advice. When she releases through touch she can often feel physical ailments; however, true magic comes when she hugs you. Most often people feel the most emotional release from her embrace, but then are left feeling loved, rejuvenated and inspired. Her methods make each encounter unique. 


Jennifer services individuals in the Dallas area. Traveling outside immediate area available for additional fee. Please message her for details.