About Jennifer

Her Gifts

Jennifer is an empath and spiritual healer. She is able to connect quickly to address mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. Jennifer uses multiple techniques to help release negative energy and then infuses with healing love. Some of her ability is inherited, some innate, and some through study and practice.

Jennifer has helped people with a wide array of subjects, including but not limited to: career, relationships, grief, physical ailments, spiritual guidance, emotional connection, goal setting, energy cleansing, and mentoring. 

Her Mission

Jennifer believes healing others is her calling. She feels blessed to have been given such a devine responsibility, one she doesn't take lightly. Her mission is to help heal others and provide them with the tools to free themselves so that they can move forward in their journey. She strives to guide others to living a life full of passion, health, happiness and love. 

Her Story

Jennifer had a challenging upbringing and an interesting journey which led her to embracing her gifts. She has a degree in philosophy and an eclectic professional background; from cocktail server to small business owner, from management to education, Jennifer has experience and interest in a wide variety of areas. She has a passion for the performing arts; she is a choreographer, dance instructor, actor, and director. She has been a prophetic dreamer and empath her entire life. And her gifts and abilitlies continue to evolve and grow as she's continues to embrace her calling. 

To read more about Jennifer and her journey, please check out her blog section of site.